RNCOS: Global Video Surveillance Market Analysis for 2008 to 2012

The growing safety and security concerns worldwide have led to a rapid increase in the deployment of CCTV or video surveillance market across the world over the past couple of years. The market has emerged as a big opportunity area for video players including equipment manufacturers, distributors and operators, according to RNCOS report "Global CCTV Market Analysis (2008-2012)”.

RNCOS did a rigorous structural analysis of the video market for an in-depth understanding of undergoing market trends and developments across the world. Research anticipates the global video surveillance market to be worth more than US$13 billion in 2009, which will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 27 percent during 2009-2012, indicating the immense growth potential for the market in the coming few years.

The analytical study provides detailed analysis of the global video surveillance market while evaluating it at the regional levels. It gives reason-based analysis of the current and future market outlook of the video surveillance market across various regions such as Asia Pacific and Americas. It also discusses about the factors which could pose a dent on the market's anticipated performance over the next few years.

The research also briefs the technology-wise and product-wise breakup of the video surveillance equipment market through 2012. The market comprises of various segments including conventional video surveillance cameras, network cameras, PC card DVRs, embedded DVRs and hybrid NVR/DVRs. It predicts the future direction of the market that is based on the growth of base drivers, like security needs and technological developments, analyzing opportunities and factors critical to the market success.

This research study profiles key video surveillance markets worldwide, which have been selected on the basis of current market trends and future growth potential. Countries covered in the report include the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey, the Philippines, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Australia and Argentina.
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