Frost & Sullivan: Opportunities in the World Mobile Video Surveillance Market

Although the economic recession has reduced capital expenditure-intensive investments, every region is anticipated to present good opportunities for mobile video over the forecast period 2008-2015.

  •  North America presents significant growth opportunities over the forecast period with the need to minimize false litigations and risk management by agencies as major drivers for growth. Key market segments are police vehicles, transit buses and school buses.
  • Little activity is seen in the Latin American market due to low awareness of benefits and price sensitivity.
  • Similar drivers present significant opportunities for growth in the transit bus, school bus and police vehicle segments in the European market. There is limited demand from the aircraft and rail segments due to their maturity.
  • Increased activity is expected to be seen in the Middle Eastern market over the forecast period.
  • The South African market presents good opportunities in the short term due to high-security investments made for the 2010 World Cup.
  • In Asia Pacific, Australia is relatively mature for demand. A high level of activity is anticipated for the Chinese, Singaporean and Indian markets for mobile video in the long run. Although the Asian markets are price-sensitive, they are expected to open up toward the end of the forecast period.

Wireless technology for video transmission is also expected to drive growth in the global mobile video surveillance market over the forecast period.

  • DVR is still widely accepted and is the most preferred recording device in the mobile segment. Solid state is still emerging and is expected to take off only by the end of the forecast period.
  • The move to IP is expected to be relatively slow with the adoption of encoders only in the rail segment.

*These snippets are from the executive summary of the Frost & Sullivan report, “Opportunities in the World Mobile Surveillance Market.” For more information, please e-mail
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