Nuuo Watches over City of Ashville with Network Surveillance

Nuuo is the most cost-effective solution for the Ashville city police, aided by a flexible hybrid surveillance system managing more than 100 channels


The city government of Asheville, North Carolina, already installed more than 100 channels of Nuuo surveillance for personnel and property protection. After evaluating several alternatives, the city IT department settled on Nuuo as the most cost effective solution for achieving a hybrid DVR/NVR recording system. While analog cameras are still superior for night vision and outdoor applications, network cameras are the wave of the future, with their versatility utilized indoors at every opportunity.  


Currently, three of the city's fire and rescue substations have complete network and often megapixel cameras protecting their facilities, with more to come. The fire and rescue administration and city police can use the remote viewer to monitor the buildings when the staff has left the building on an emergency.    


The parks and recreation department installed a hybrid system at its tennis facility of Aston Park. Night vision analog cameras were installed outside with Nuuo H.264 hardware compression cards, while Vivotek network cameras provided indoor surveillance. The park staff is limited for such a large area, and they use the TV out function on their PC video cards to view the security cameras remotely.  


The downtown municipal building upgraded its surveillance system to a 32-channel Nuuo SCB-5016 DVR, with plans to upgrade the cameras to IP as the budget permits. Security personnel have incorporated the buildings original blueprints into Nuuo's E-Map function to make camera selection much more intuitive. They are also anxious to incorporate the digital I/O card into the access control system. This will allow them to “smart search” for the events that will be recorded both by the access control and the Nuuo video recording.    


Unfortunate incidents and limited police personnel prompted the city to pursue video surveillance near its neighborhood recreational centers. Previous systems were limited in their functionality, so their newest and largest project so far will be outfitted with Nuuo. Stephens Lee recreational center will be furnished with a total of 21 channels provide complete video surveillance for the parking lot, entrances, gymnasium, classrooms, activity halls, and exercise room. Six analog channels provide complete day and night coverage for outside the building, and 15 network cameras by both ACTi and Vivotek supply the indoor surveillance. The city continues to employ Nuuo solutions and plans to add the CMS software soon for central administration of the citywide recording servers.
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