COE Completes Video Surveillance System for Gunsan Port, South Korea

In a project undertaken with South Korean partner, Tuvics (formerly known as Dong Young), COE provided a video transmission and management solution for Gunsan Port in South Korea.

Gunsan Port is located at the estuary of Keum River in the central region on the west coast of South Korea. Gunsan Port has a rich history, being the principal point of rice-trade for its region of South Korea from as early as the 1300s. In recent years, the port has become a major commercial hub handling more than 20 million tons of cargo annually distributed to more than 4,600 meters of piers. A variety of products now pass through Gunsan, with dedicated wharfs for cement, oil and silica, and a large car-exclusive quay for shipping from local manufacturing facilities.

Given the large physical area of Gunsan Port, COE's superior video transmission technologies were an important factor in maintaining high quality video at control rooms stationed throughout the port. High quality picture and sound over an extended distance was essential to the success of the installation and COE's equipment provided an excellent solution to this challenge. At Gunsan Port, Tuvics implemented an IP network infrastructure through integrating a variety of COE transmission equipment. COE's X-Net H-Card (H.264) encoders were used at the camera source to convert analog output from the cameras to digital, H.264 compressed video. This video signal was then passed through COE X-Net Ethernet Switches. The X-Net Ethernet Switch is a new product from COE and includes seven 10/100BaseT ports and three Gigabit RJ-45/SFP optic combo ports, enabling up to seven Ethernet inputs to be transmitted via each switch. At Gunsan Port, multiple X-Net Ethernet Switches were deployed, utilizing the flexibility of combo optical fiber and gigabit RJ-45 outputs to provide seamless transmission of video, PTZ control and alarms across the large network area of the site.

Prior to the installation of their surveillance system, Gunsan Port's security measures were restricted to an alarmed fence to detect security breaches. One of the key challenges in designing and implementing this project was the integration of their existing alarm system for the fence with COE's Video Management System (VMS) enterprise software for system management.

In addition to integrating alarm responses from the perimeter fence to the VMS system, COE has also enabled PTZ cameras around the perimeter to respond to these alarms, redirecting to the point of contact along the barrier fence as an alarm is triggered. This solution enables operators to determine the nature of a threat to their site both rapidly and securely, gaining insight as to the best course of action before making any physical approach to the incident. Recording of this footage and all other video at Gunsan Port is enabled through COE's X-Net Network Video Recorder (NVR) software. This modular, scalable recording solution for digital recording, storing and archiving of video from analog & IP cameras was integrated with the existing fencing alarm system at Gunsan Port to provide a scalable solution for video recording and management at this project.

Additional security for Gunsan Port is provided by integration of COE's X-Net VI video analytics package. X-Net VI, based on Agent VI technologies, distributes analytical processing between the device at the edge of the network (encoder) and a remotely based server. This unique hardware/software combination ensures that analysis is performed on highest quality uncompressed video, whilst the processing power available through utilising server based analysis is also retained. The system installed at this Phase at Gunsan Port comprises over 90 new analog cameras which have been enhanced with X-Net VI capabilities by addition of COE equipment.

The core requirement of the Gunsan Regional Maritime Affairs & Fisheries Office (GRMAFO) when commissioning a new video surveillance system was to heighten the security of Gunsan Port whilst gaining control over the management and response to security threats. Integrating COE equipment, augmented by expert installation by Tuvics, this objective has been met, and Gunsan Port has received a video system that is both cutting edge and fully scalable to expand as their requirements develop in the future.

Yong Ill Woo, GM of Tuvics, said, “COE were instrumental in the success of this project, providing expert network architecture design and the supplementary tools and support to enable my team to perform this installation to an exceptional standard. The high quality of COE equipment supported our project at Gunsan Port to the highest standard, and we are very pleased with the end result.”
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