American Traffic Solutions Acquires Nestor Traffic Systems

American Traffic Solutions, (ATS), the second largest provider of red-light and speed cameras in North America, acquired Nestor Traffic Systems, the fourth largest photo traffic-enforcement company in North America. ATS acquired Nestor for nearly US$7.1 million.

ATS serves more than 170 communities in 17 American states (including the District of Columbia) and one Canadian province with 1,688 red-light and speed cameras under contract, 1,147 of which are already in operation. The addition of the Nestor customers would boost ATS to nearly 200 communities in 21 American states and two Canadian provinces, with 2,173 cameras under contract, of which 1,492 are already in operation in North America.

ATS is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nestor's headquarters is in Providence, Rhode Island.

The acquisition would expand ATS' presence to include Nestor's customers in California, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Canada. Perhaps the most significant expansion would be in California, where Nestor's contracts include Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Bernardino, Pasadena and eight other California cities. Nestor also operates programs in Delaware, Georgia, Iowa and Ohio.

“Red-light and speed cameras are life-saving programs that remain a top priority for communities throughout North America. ATS anticipates a very smooth transition for current Nestor customers and employees,” said James Tuton, President and CEO of ATS. “The communities currently served by Nestor have my pledge that we will work closely with them to ensure a smooth transition while continuing to provide critical life saving technology.”

"I am confident that Nestor's clients are in good hands with ATS, which is a high energy, high quality company that has led the industry in terms of innovation, technology and growth. I look forward to working with the ATS team during the transition period to ensure a positive outcome for the Nestor employees and customers,” said Mike James, President of Nestor.
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