Sunell Streamlines Manufacturing with New Software to Ensure Product Stability

Sunell Streamlines Manufacturing with New Software to Ensure Product Stability

Sunell plans to install a new management software system, Shop Floor Information System (SFIS), to increase its product stability. China Best Buys takes a look at its benefits.

Automated equipment helps increase product volume and capabilities, making it widely deployed worldwide. Indeed, automation has replaced manpower and facilitated manufacturing efficiency. However, it requires all stages of production to coordinate seamlessly, as lack of streamlining could damage equipment and hinder relevant operations. Without proper management, investing in more expensive and advanced equipment may not produce good products.

Sunell has installed the Shop Floor Information System (SFIS) to deal with its increasing volume. The system ensures its manufacturing capability can keep up with market demand for a diverse products.

To provide stable and high quality product at lower costs, automated equipment is not enough. It requires the SFIS to manage procedures, including product information, components and regulation, quantity, quality and data compilation. The SFIS can also be used as integrated media for computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

There are four benefits of SFIS — resource tracking, on site inspection, control and management. To control product quality while in the manufacturing phase, the system divides product lines into sectors to collect information. All information goes to a database connected to the Internet. This online database allows management to check the production line for any flaws or missteps.

For customers, SFIS allows visitors to log on and see their products undergoing the manufacturing process through a Web site, which Sunell will enable soon. With SFIS, Sunell improves its production procedure, rooting out defects as early as possible. The system also provides customers with a platform to know how their products are made.

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