Keri Systems Buys Digital Horizon Solutions

After several years of separate sales and engineering management, Keri Systems and its subsidiary, Digital Horizon Solutions (DHS), are consolidating to form a single entity under the Keri Systems name to take advantage of existing customer relationships and a merging access control and integrated systems product line. The original DHS engineering and technical staff will remain in Frisco, Texas, and continue their development and support efforts in conjunction with Keri's San Jose, California staff. Keri's North American sales team will combine with the DHS sales team to pick up responsibility for DHS' Enterprise-class Eclipse product line in addition to the existing Keri PXL/Doors and NXT product lines.

"The combining of sales and engineering forces makes sense because Doors.NET, Keri's newest software product for managing the TCP/IP-based NXT controllers, is a derivative of Eclipse and shares the same backbone and aspects of the user interface," said Mike Bevan, Keri's National Sales Manager. "Many Keri dealers have been asking for a number of the features that Eclipse provides and this gives qualified integrators access to those types of higher-end capabilities."

Added Dennis Geiszler, Vice President of Marketing and International Sales, "Keri acquired DHS in August of 2006 and has been operating both companies as a combined entity internationally since then with excellent customer acceptance, so this is a natural extension of that strategy applied to the North American market."

Keri Systems is a provider of integrated card access control, telephone entry, video badging systems and digital video recording.

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