Bank of East Asia Bases Access Control on Legic

High-security finance building installs a new state-of-the art access control system based on LEGIC advant. Partner Vitlon Intelligent Technology and other technology providers supply the reader and system components.

The Bank of East Asia Finance Building is located in the financial heart of Lujiazui in Shanghai. The building covers an area of 8,128 square meters with a total construction area of 75,000 square meters including a 42-floor office building and a 5-floor commercial building. The Bank of East Asia Finance Building is 198 meters tall and has a total of 42 ground floors, two floors for the device layer, underground garage. It has another 3-storey building for the equipment layer with a parking garage. The building's design is column-free and open to make the office bright and spacious, with high practicality and efficiency. It suits different customer requests, making the building flexible for office layout.

The Bank of East Asia Finance Building is classified as a most high-class office building. The main customers are multinational financial institutions and enterprises. The Bank of East Asia is managed by Jones Lang LaSalle. Since the safety design of this building is demanding, the Shanghai Security Service Corporation was brought in as a security consultant for the whole building to select the best technologies and systems. The ability to flexibly host individual companies according their needs in the large building was key for product selection.

Shanghai Eterna Electronic Technology and Vitlon Intelligent Technology provided the security and access control system based on the modern LEGIC advant technology. They installed elevators, toilets, the entrance of floors hall and other public sites. LEGIC technology has been installed at around 400 sites throughout the buildings and controls the public area. The patrol system with real-time monitoring and alarm system linkage also uses LEGIC advant. An e-payment application is already installed to prepare for future needs. Through LEGIC advant's powerful capabilities to grow with the needs of an organisation, the employees and staff can enjoy a safe and comfortable working environment.
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