Avigilon HD Surveillance Watches Over Pan Nordic Logistics

Avigilon announced Pan Nordic Logistics, the Nordic region's leading transportation and logistics company, has deployed the Avigilon High Definition (HD) surveillance system at its main terminal to improve security and ensure the safe delivery of goods. Pan Nordic Logistics selected the Avigilon HD surveillance solution because its superior image quality, reliability, and ease-of-use dramatically expedites the investigation process.

“The image quality delivered by the Avigilon HD Surveillance System is at least two steps ahead of anything else I've seen, and a remarkable improvement over our previous analog-based system,” said Bengt-Eric Johansson, security manager at Pan Nordic Logistics. “We can now confidently track the delivery of packages throughout the transportation and logistics supply chain to prove without a doubt that we have fulfilled our obligations and done our job.”

With the assistance of Santek Bevakningsteknik, a local provider of surveillance system design, installation, and service, Pan Nordic Logistics installed 15 Avigilon HD cameras, ranging from two to 11 megapixels to monitor all entrances and exits, dock doors, the main logistics terminal, the checkpoint for drivers, and the drivers' lunchroom. To leverage their existing investment in 22 analog surveillance cameras, the company deployed seven Avigilon Analog Video Encoders. With access from four monitors, the team seamlessly manages the Avigilon HD Surveillance System using Avigilon Control Center network video management software with HD Stream Management and installed five Avigilon HD network video recorders (NVR) to store up to 37 days of continuous video.

“While the transportation and logistics industry has remained relatively unchanged when it comes to the modes of transport used to deliver goods around the world, the value of the goods being shipped today has changed, rising dramatically over the years,” said Dave Tynan, VP of Global Sales and Marketing at Avigilon. Consequently, so has the risk of asset theft. “By deploying an advanced surveillance solution like the Avigilon HD Surveillance System, Pan Nordic Logistics can ensure greater overall protection against the theft, loss, and damage of goods.”

With the Avigilon HD Surveillance System in place, Pan Nordic Logistics can conduct investigations 50 percent faster than before, saving time that can now be used for other tasks and contributing to the system's overall return on investment (ROI.) Avigilon's enhanced image quality offers the evidence needed to prove the company's innocence when facing claims of lost or stolen goods. By eliminating the cost of having to cover false claims, the Avigilon HD Surveillance System will pay for itself within three years. Pan Nordic Logistics has made surveillance a priority across the entire transportation and logistics supply chain and as a result, can reduce the risk of external or internal theft and ensure the safe delivery of goods around the world. Because Pan Nordic Logistics can count on the reliability and image clarity of the Avigilon HD Surveillance System, surveillance footage has once again become a critical investigation tool for the team, delivering superior evidence to confirm and convict.

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