PerSay Releases Real-Time Fraud Detection for Call Centers

PerSay, a provider of voice biometrics solutions, completed field testing of a Fraudsters Detection Solution that enables contact centers to detect known fraudsters in real time. The solution provides contact centers with an effective way of fighting identity theft and is based on the company's field-proven FreeSpeech voice biometrics platform which analyzes caller's voice in the background of a natural conversation with an agent.

Built on top of PerSay's FreeSpeech, the Fraudsters Detection Solution taps into every incoming call and examines it against a set of known fraudsters' voiceprints. This test is performed at various intervals during the call. The result is a fraud detection score that is mapped to a set of alert levels and is attached to the call record in the CTI. A client application pops up on the agent's desktop and directs the agent to take the appropriate actions according to the alert level received.

"PerSay Fraudsters Detection Solution should be part of any organization's identity theft red flags strategy," noted Almog Aley-Raz, CEO of PerSay. "We are satisfied with the results our Fraudsters Detection Solution obtained in a real-life contact center environment. The broad and extensive testing that was performed enabled us to explore the factors affecting the detection accuracy and false alarm rate, leading to an optimized system and our customer's satisfaction." 
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