VIVOTEK Facilitates Rome Fiumicino Airport with Surveillance Solution

VIVOTEK Facilitates Rome Fiumicino Airport with Surveillance Solution

The Rome Fiumicino Airport is the largest airport in Italy and one of the busiest air stations worldwide. Every day, thousands of passengers approach the information center for help, increasing the need for more service staff and increasing airport management costs. To allocate service staff workload and deliver services more instantaneously and efficiently, dozens of information stands have been set up, which expand the airport's service delivery. In order to maintain service quality, the airport decided to install network cameras at each stand to facilitate communication between passengers and the service staff. For security purposes, the airport also installed network cameras in the elevators to enhance security levels. AUGEN Telematica e Automazione srl in Italy, was contacted and developed proprietary software to comply Airport Functional Specification using VIVOTEK's network cameras.

A total of network cameras were installed at the information stands, control rooms, and elevators. The airport has opted for built-in IR illuminator cameras, with two-way audio functions and vandal-and weather-proof housing. The IR illuminators for enhanced night vision make cameras especially suitable for the dimly-lit elevators and information stands. Additionally, passengers can communicate easily with remote service staff via the two-way audio function, which improves problem-solving efficacy. Since cameras at the information stands can be easily reached by passengers, the vandal-proof housing is also essential to prevent tampering. The IP66-compliant housing also protects the cameras located in the outdoor information stands from rain and dust.

VIVOTEK's IP surveillance system reduces the airport's spending on maintenance and staffing at its information centers and extends the airport's service delivery capabilities. The system guarantees passengers face-to-face communication with service personnel even when not physically at the information desk. Additionally, the elevator security cameras enhance passenger safety and speed up response times in emergencies. "Choosing VIVOTEK's system is really a wise move for us. Besides the benefit of passenger protection, it also reduces our management costs and service people's overhead", said Rio Giusti, Airport Manager.

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