Delhi International Airport Turns to CEM for Access Control Solutions

Delhi International Airport Turns to CEM for Access Control Solutions

CEM Systems, a Tyco International company, announced that they have been awarded the contract to provide access control for the new Terminal 3 in Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. The contract was awarded by ADT Security, India who will supply a fully integrated access control and IP video solution.

Spanning 500,000 square meters and featuring more than 160 check-in counters, the newly integrated terminal at the International Airport is expected to be completed by March 2010 and fully operational before the Commonwealth Games 2010, which will be hosted in New Delhi. The new Terminal 3 is part of a phase of planned development work which should increase the airport's capacity from around 20 million passengers per year to around 60 million passengers per year.

CEM's Airport Edition (AE) system will be installed at the airport. The AE system was developed with the needs of airports in mind and features airport-specific applications including card reader door modes such as 'Passenger', 'Trolley' and 'Airbridge'.

The Delhi installation will utilize two variations of CEM's IP card readers. The card reader offers an on-board 10/100Mbps Ethernet connection and internal database for offline card validation, ensuring that access control is provided even if the reader is offline from the host system.

The reader comes with a graphical LCD allowing a large number of default or user configurable messages to be displayed. These messages provide feedback to the cardholder on his or her card usage, eg. 'Wrong Timezone', 'Wrong Access Level' and 'Card Expiring'. The display also provides information to the system user, e.g. airline staff, on which door mode the door is operating; for example 'Passenger Mode' where a member of airline staff uses his or her card to keep the door open for an extended period of time for arriving/departing passengers.

For the more security-critical areas, the airport has chosen Fingerprint solution which combines a fingerprint reader, intelligent controller, and advanced IP card reader in one powerful solution.

"We are thrilled to be awarded this exciting opportunity to secure the facility" said Ramesh Jayaraman, General Manager of ADT Security, India. "With a fully integrated solution, the system will allow the airport to run more efficiently in terms of both cost and operations".

The integration will enable the airport to handle operational complexity and security-related challenges in a large-scale environment. Hence, the integrated system can fully support the operational applications such as passenger movement, vehicle management, airbridge monitoring system and check-in desk enabling which are critical to the airport's ground operations.

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