Pelco Announces Strategic Relationship with Northern Video Systems

Pelco has entered into a strategic relationship with its distribution partner, Northern Video Systems of Rocklin, to market and sell Pelco Select Goods inventory. Pelco Select Goods are products that could be overstock products, discontinued products, products being replaced by newer models, and/or factory refurbished products. Unlike other companies, these products all carry the same full factory warranty as new Pelco products. Northern Video will actively market these products at a substantial savings to factory-new products. Since there is a varied supply of these products, quantities and availability will be unpredictable.

These products have long been available from Pelco but have not been widely sold to its customers. The company believes this is simply due to its limited sales and marketing efforts around these offerings. With Northern Video building a sales initiative around the distribution of these products, Pelco management feels that many more of their customers will be able to take advantage of these great savings. Northern Video will soon market the availability of these products through an energetic sales force, ready to help customers with choosing products for their needs.

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