4G Identity Solutions Wins Iris Project in India

4G Identity Solutions (4G ID) was awarded an iris recognition identity management application and data de-duplication processing contract. The state government of Andhra Pradesh, India, awarded the 90 million citizens' ID management contract to 4G ID after a stringent technical evaluation process, through global competitive bidding. The value of the base contract is more than US$6 million.

The contract calls for the consolidation and de-duplication of existing database of 82 million citizen demographic details with iris codes of 56 million citizens. The people were enrolled in separate regional databases over the last four years. Due to the limitations of the original enrollment application, the databases could not be consolidated, nor could they be checked for fraud resulting from duplicate enrollments. 4G ID will be responsible for performing more than 6.26 quadrillion iris matches in search of duplicate enrollments. In addition, 4G ID will employ demographic matching software to search for duplicate enrollments in records where no irises were enrolled. To accomplish this task in 60 days, 4G ID will deploy a farm of blade servers, L-1 Identity Solutions' matching engine with next-generation algorithms by John Daugman and 4G ID's Multi-Biometric Identity Platform.

In addition to consolidating the existing databases and identifying existing fraud, 4G ID is tasked with creating a Web-based online enrollment application to support a citizen ID program capable of serving 90 million citizen of Andhra Pradesh. This application will support enrollment, fraud screening and management reporting. It will integrate with applications from the Housing Department and the Rural Development Department, among others. One key outcome of the project is it will eliminate identity-related fraud and create an efficient and effective delivery mechanism for governments to ensure that the entitlements reach the targeted beneficiaries.
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