25 Years of Pioneering Work in Video Security

25 Years of Pioneering Work in Video Security

It has been a quarter of a century since Dallmeier electronic was founded in 1984. The Regensburg-based company has built up an international reputation and is known as a provider of network-based video surveillance systems. The Dallmeier products and solutions are used around the world in various projects, ranging from small systems with only a few cameras up to large-scale projects with several thousand channels.

It was a long way to go, however, to take the company to where it is now. Founder Dieter Dallmeier recalls the story of the past 25 years.

Q: Mr. Dallmeier, how did it all begin and how did you manage to establish the company internationally?

A: In 1984, I decided to go into business as a master TV technician. For many years, the company depended on two people, my wife Christina and me. It took some time and was not always easy to come to where we are now with around 300 employees. There have repeatedly been hard times, some lasted longer than others and some passed by more quickly.

That is why I am particularly proud today that we have remained persistent through all these years and always believed in our visions and ideas. Eventually, Dallmeier was able to decisively influence the market. The development of the world's first digital video sensor with digital picture memory, which was introduced among experts in 1992, represents a milestone in the evolution of the industry and reins in the age of digital technology for security equipment.

In 1997, we made our breakthrough with the development of the first digital solution for gaming tables for the Crown Casino in Australia. The rising demand for Dallmeier products allowed us to stabilize the business and to achieve constant growth up to this day.

Q: It has truly been a long way. What motivated you to keep working hard through all these years?

A: I was mainly driven by passion and enthusiasm for developing as well as advancing forward-looking technologies. In doing so, I have never shied away from pursuing unconventional approaches. It has been very rewarding to produce pioneer work in video security technology over all these years. It is still incredibly exciting to repeatedly give new impetus to the market and to see the direct effects.

That passion for our work has also become an integral part of our corporate philosophy and is also shared by the entire workforce. That is why we manage to break new mould again and again, with undeviating faith in what we do, and why we are able to always be a step ahead. And I am particularly happy that our employees share my passion and that everyone of them puts their heart and soul into their work.

Q: You have always been able to bank on the right trends. How did you do that?

A: It has shown that long-term planning and an uncompromising focus on quality always pay off in the long run. Trends, whether in the stock market or in technical areas, are very often short-lived. Only a few technological hypes have been able to establish themselves.

Often, it is not easy to recognize technological change early on and incorporate it in one's own development plans at the right time. In this regard, we have always been guided by one thought: How can the customer benefit from this technology? By systematically concentrating our development on functionality and ease of use, we managed to create reliable and practical solutions for professional video security on every occasion.

Q: How do you feel about issues like environmental protection and social responsibility?

A: We recognize our social responsibility. This conviction shapes all our corporate activities. In the past, Dallmeier has been pioneering the area of video security technology in many ways and will continue to develop innovative products which set the benchmark for the industry. With the same energy that the company uses to promote its economic success, it also devotes itself to taking up social responsibility.

Various aspects of our corporate culture prove that this is not just lip service. The working atmosphere at Dallmeier is characterized by mutual respect, open-mindedness and interest for the work of colleagues. Introducing own ideas and helping one another are equally prominent aspects of that atmosphere. Dallmeier aims at representing the idea of being there for one another to the outside world as well and thus supports a number of aid groups around the world. When it comes to environmental protection, Dallmeier is among those that not only strictly adhere to existing laws but voluntarily impose even more demanding requirements on our own corporate activity wherever it seems prudent and possible.

Q: How will the future look like for Dallmeier?

A: Of course, I cannot predict what the coming years will bring, but I am looking forward to continuing to work on our vision and face future challenges, and to do so together with my wife Christina, my son Thomas, who is already active in the firm and shares my passion, and with all our employees.

We have many ideas and always push the development of trendsetting solutions for video security. In doing so, the requirements of you, our customers, still come first.

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