GTSI Provides Perimeter Security and Communications for Port of Oakland

GTSI, an infrastructure solutions and services provider to government, was awarded a US$7 million contract by the Port of Oakland's Commissioners. The contract calls for GTSI to upgrade the port's existing perimeter security system and install a fiber-optic communications system. Awarded under GTSI's US Communities contract, the work will be completed by April 2010.

"Our nation's ports are one of our precious natural resources that must be protected," said Scott Friedlander, President and COO of GTSI. "Next year, we look forward to working with the Port of Oakland to enhance perimeter security and install a robust communications network to better protect port workers, local citizens and container cargo entering the port. We are proud that many other communities nationwide have implemented our security and communications solutions and we are pleased to be working with the Port of Oakland to provide a greater ability to deter and detect intrusions at their facilities."

"The teaming of the Port of Oakland and GTSI is another great example of a public/private partnership," said Mike O'Brien, who oversees the port's security for its maritime operations. "Together, we have created a plan that will help us meet our goal of providing safer and more secure facilities for our customers. We look forward to working with GTSI to complete this project in a timely and cost-effective manner. "
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