AVerMedia Recognized for Home Security Solutions by the IHTA

AVerMedia Recognized for Home Security Solutions by the IHTA

AVerMedia Information, a provider of surveillance and presentation technology, was recognized by the Innovative Housing Technology Awards (IHTA) for advancements in home security solutions with hybrid DVRs.

"We are honored that the IHTA has recognized AVerMedia as a finalist," said Craig Johnson, US Surveillance Division Director for AVerMedia. "It serves as a testament to our focus on innovating video surveillance solutions that are reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective for the average consumer."

The awarded hybrid DVR is the world's first stand-alone Linux DVR with a GUI. This 16-channel hybrid system also allows for adjustable frame rates and resolutions for each channel. Now, home owners can choose real-time frame rates and D1 resolution for critical areas like entries, while allocating CIF and lower fps for less important points. It also includes motion detection and mask function, with remote administration and central management.



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