US Testing Equipment Chooses GE Security for Air Cargo Facilities

GE Security, a business of GE Enterprise Solutions, announced its initial order of 15 units of the latest security product from US Testing Equipment, one of GE Security's authorized distributors for sales of Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-approved explosive trace detection systems for air cargo screening. The GE security product can analyze from a single sample both positive and negative ions, providing explosive contraband detection of complex explosive substances.

"US Testing Equipment provides solutions for our customers, and we have found that the GE Itemiser DX trace detection unit has become the solution of choice," said Reese Carpenter, COO of US Testing Equipment.

"The next-generation technology of this security product allows air cargo and aviation operators to identify explosive substances quickly and accurately," said Neil Bloomfield, GM of Americas Aviation, GE Security. "US Testing Equipment is in a prime position to help air cargo facilities benefit from GE's security product, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of air cargo mandates and facilities' needs."

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