ObjectVideo Expands with Asia-Pacific Partners

ObjectVideo announced an increase of Asia-Pacific application companies in the OV Ready network. Three VMS providers from the Asia-Pacific region have completed The OV Ready Compliance Program. They join the more than 10 Asia-based companies that are already part of the OV Ready Partner Network.

OV establishes formal criteria to validate device and application compliance with the OV Ready intelligent video protocol, providing OV Ready partners with clear, consistent and attainable objectives for their OV development. It also enables clear communications among device and application partners as to features supported. An OV compliant device follows the OV Ready protocol for exposing its event outputs and accepting rule configuration from any third-party compliant application, such as a video management platform.

"This recent adoption of OV Ready by Asia-based VMS providers is particularly given their historic challenge of proprietary integration," said Mike Shen, Director for Asia-Pacific OV. " The point of the protocol is to make the integrator's solution more straightforward and the customer's life easier.



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