PSIA Demonstrates Benefits of Interoperability

The Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIM), a global consortium of physical security providers focused on promoting interoperability of IP-enabled devices in the security industry, demonstrated its IP Media Device 1.0 specification working with Milestone video management software and an IQinVision camera.

This was the first display of a video surveillance camera and a video management system communicating over the network using the PSIA specification. Leveraging PSIA's open specification, Milestone's platform was able to instantaneously identify and communicate with IQinVision's camera.

As more camera manufacturers develop IP ready products, it is imperative they incorporate interoperable standards like the PSIA's into their product line so their products can communicate with today's video management solutions like the Milestone platform without the need for a special driver or SDK.

The IQinVision-Milestone demonstration comes just three months after PSIA ratified and released the 1.0 specification, which has been reviewed by technical experts that represent all segments of the IP security market.

The 1.0 API Media Device specification enables interoperability between disparate products, expanding opportunities for companies that provide solutions to the physical security marketplace.

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