South Korea Chooses COE Technology for Surveillance over Three Major Lines of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway Network

COE Limited, a supplier in the design and manufacture of video surveillance technologies, with its partner Dong Young, announced another success in South Korea in winning the contract to provide the video surveillance solution for lines 1, 3 and 4 of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway network.  In annual ridership, Seoul Metropolitan Subway ranks as the third most heavily used subway system.

COE will provide real-time monitoring of stations over the three lines, augmented by automated camera tracking software to enhance operator effectiveness and a sophisticated video management system for operating and maintaining the surveillance network.  Each of the 70 stations across the three lines will operate between 64 and 128 cameras, resulting in the COE Telecommand management system being responsible for the control of up to 8,000 cameras.

COE is the strong player in optical multiplexing technologies, and the CCTV equipment provider to offer a full-equipped CWDM enabled, matrix structured video system. The system structure allows real-time analogue signal delivery to any of the three main control centres at multiple locations around the network. This ensures operators may select any camera instantly from any station in real time, which for systems this size is a key requirement for crisis and risk management.

In order to maximize operator effectiveness and reduce fatigue, COE will also be delivering automated camera tracking software.  This software works in conjunction with the operator keyboard to allow automated control of the many PTZ cameras within the system.  Object/person tracking is a new tool within surveillance systems and reduces the requirements for operators to move the cameras manually.  Maintenance and management information will be available in real time to module level for fast fault remedy.

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