TI Introduces Throughput PCI Express to PCI Translation Bridge

TI Introduces Throughput PCI Express to PCI Translation Bridge

Texas Instruments Incorporated introduced a new PCI Express to PCI translation bridge that requires half the board space and provides the highest throughput, compared to the nearest competitive devices available. The XIO2001 is a single-function bridge that provides customers with an easy migration path from conventional PCI to the latest PCI Express technology. Applications include computer motherboards, industrial PCs and control boards, test and measurement boards, and surveillance camera capture cards.

The XIO2001 offers several advantages that allow designers to maximize performance. The XIO2001 performance tuning tool allows register settings within the bridge to be customized in real time using a graphical user interface (GUI), allowing customers to easily tune the bridge for maximum performance in their application. The XIO2001 also provides twice the throughput when measuring upstream memory access performance through the bridge compared to other devices. This is important to customers with implementations where high bandwidth and low latency are key.

Key Features and Benefits:
* The XIO2001 is available in a 7 mm x 7 mm package, saving customers valuable board space
* The XIO2001 Performance Tuning Tool (XPT) GUI makes it easy for customers to customize and tailor bridge performance settings for their own applications
* An internal arbiter supports up to six downstream PCI bus masters, versus four supported by competitive devices, which eliminates the need for external arbitration devices 
* The XIO2001 integrates buffered clocks, which eliminates the need for an external clock buffer and reduces bill of materials cost 
* Built-in adaptive equalization improves jitter tolerance so designers can use a longer PCB trace or cable length

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