Pelco Sarix Cameras Integrate with iOmniscient

Pelco, a provider in end-to-end IP video security solutions, is pleased to announce its Sarix cameras have been successfully integrated with iOmniscient iQ-Hawk video security products.

“The combined power of Pelco Sarix camera technology and iOmniscient's IQ-Hawk Security system is another example of our commitment to openness and providing integrated security solutions to our customers” said Terry Carver, Manager of API Business Development, Pelco.

According to Carver, Sarix technology defines the next generation of video security imaging performance, delivering high definition (HD) resolution, advanced low light capabilities, consistent color science, and fast processing power. The Sarix series incorporates IT standards while adhering to open architecture principles, so integration with IT networks is as graceful as integration into the physical environment.

“In typical video analytic systems, the operator records everything that the camera views in high resolution. However, the iQ-Hawk system has a unique patent pending detection and verification method, which is used to analyze and filter information, all while optimizing bandwidth and storage usage, this allows the system to operate very effectively”, said Ivy Li, Managing Director for iOmniscient. “There can be a 120 times potential savings in storage and bandwidth for a 3 mega-pixel camera.”

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