Pelco Names Herve Fages Director of Global Marketing

Herve Fages, Former Pelco Managing Director of Asia Pacific (APAC) has been promoted to Director of Global Marketing, replacing Joe Olmstead who recently retired. With almost six years at Pelco, Fages has already transitioned into his new role at Pelco Worldwide Headquarters in Clovis, California.

According to officials, Fages assumes the role as Director of Global Marketing and will report directly to Jim Brannan, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development. Fages says his focus for the future includes developing a global marketing plan, improving global launching of products, data gathering, competitive analysis, future product development and more.  

"In my new role I plan to provide direction for the Marcom team, and a fresh point of view so we can really think outside the box,” said Herve Fages. “Pelco has excellent core values, and by incorporating those values with Schneider, both companies will benefit on the global level. I am happy to be working in the U.S. and look forward to working with the Marketing team.” 

In his previous position as Director of APAC, Fages made great contributions by establishing a Singapore office, championing the establishment of a China-based Warehouse and significantly expanding operations in Singapore and Shanghai.
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