Databases Helps Close Fake Passport Loop

Personal identity expert TSSI Systems agrees with Colin Woodcock (head of fraud at the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) suggestion to create a database containing information showing the security features that different nationalities use within their passports to help combat fraud.

"There is no doubt that such databases would help banking and financial services staff to intercept fraud and would also help close another loop in identity fraud. However despite fears, implementing these types of databases for government and financial use does not have to be a costly operation as they are already in use to combat fraud and are available for purchase. So why complicate things by trying to reinvent the wheel?” said John Barker, GM of TSSI.

"Although SOCA is now running training courses with the banks to help their staff spot fake foreign passports they should also consider marrying both training and the technology available to provide the best possible solution to this process. Special document readers can quickly and easily verify passports and driving licenses by checking all the key security features including Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) and RFID chips under a variety of light sources. They can then make vital comparisons with a live database containing passport and identity documents to complete the validation process,” added Barker.

"It's in the Governments interest to do more to remedy this situation. The solutions to these issues are readily available if both the Government and banks are ready to invest,” concluded Barker.
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