VideoIQ-Genetec Integration Provides End-Users With Enterprise-Scale Installations

VideoIQ, the inventor of intelligent surveillance cameras and encoders with a built-in DVR, announced that VideoIQ's iCVR product line is now integrated with Genetec's Omnicast video surveillance management solution.

VideoIQ iCVR cameras and encoders now work with version 4.4 or later of Genetec's Omnicast management system, an enterprise-class IP video surveillance solution that provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data across IP networks. As a result of the integration, customers are able to leverage the combined solution for proactive video surveillance, gaining a new level of efficiency by giving a single security officer the ability to monitor important events from hundreds of intelligent cameras. VideoIQ's analytics watch continuously and alert the security officer of potential threats, providing better and more proactive security protection than guards alone. VideoIQ's cameras and encoders install without calibration, and deliver the highest accuracy in challenging outdoor environments, making them ideal for cost-effective, large-scale deployment.

"The combination of Genetec's Omnicast and VideoIQ's iCVR family increases operational efficiency through proactive surveillance and lowers enterprises' capital and security-related expenses,” said Francis Lachance, Product Manager of Genetec. “Omnicast provides the integrated command center for all sensor information, and the VideoIQ iCVR provides an easily installed intelligent camera solution that provides instant visual threat detection and verification. We were pleased to assist VideoIQ as they actively pursued this integration.”

This release represents the first phase of integration between the iCVR and Omnicast, with expanded capabilities due later this year. With this release, users will be able to use the Omnicast interface to both configure and operate the iCVR. Alarms and security breaches detected by the iCVR are reported directly to the Omnicast event list, and live video from the iCVR will stream directly through Omnicast's video display, enabling users to analyze and respond to the situation in real-time. The Omnicast NVR (network video recorder) can record and play back video streamed from the iCVR, and core IP camera configuration settings are integrated as well.

"Integration of the VideoIQ iCVR with Genetec's Omnicast represents a natural partnership in IP and intelligent video solutions,” said Doug Marman, CTO and VP of Products for VideoIQ. “Customers are asking for this integration because they are looking for affordable, proactive and highly accurate security protection, combined with an enterprise-class heterogeneous video management solution. This combined solution hits the target. We look forward to delivering a succession of innovative capabilities via the Omnicast platform.”

VideoIQ combines automated event detection, a built-in DVR, intelligent networking and powerful investigative search into each iCVR camera and encoder—all driven by next-generation analytics. This combination solves both the bandwidth and storage problems of legacy IP cameras, and is the only intelligent solution in the industry that requires no tuning or calibration—users can simply plug it in and begin using it immediately.
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