Sunell Boosts its Reputation at ISC WEST and IFSEC 2009

Sunell, a surveillance product provider in Shenzhen, China, has been offering quality products and gradually increasing their market share through years of dedication. A&S China Best Buys spoke with Ann Wu, Vice President of Sunell and Director of the Overseas Department, to unveil the reasons behind buyers' credits.

There is always a reason to behind success. For Sunell, it is its dedication to the industry and product stability. The company was first established in 1997 when it acted as a distributor and agent for companies such as Philips, Scantronic (U.K.), Paxton (U.K.) and ET (Italy). Since 2000, the company has undergone a major transformation, shifting to increase investment in its own R&D in an effort to manufacture cameras under its own wing.

Sunell is dedicated to provide surveillance cameras and mobile DVRs. With in-house R&D capability, Sunell introduced several innovations, such as network cameras, featuring H.264 compression, and mini high-speed domes. Today, Sunell's products are trusted by numerous leading distributors and sold to more than 40 countries.

When it comes to new product design, Sunell believes that it is mandatory to know each customer's demands. Most of Chinese manufacturers design products based on Chinese market's requirements while overseas applications are another issue. "We put much effort in product design," said Ann Wu, Vice President and Director or Overseas Department at Sunell. "First, we conduct a thorough study of a product, to get to know the existing problems on the market. We would rather provide a more accurate and advanced product instead of a 'me-too' product. We then discuss with our customers to decide which product suits them and their local market. This is quite important for overseas markets."

Differentiation  - Values and Customization
After attending worldwide exhibitions, Wu noticed that most Chinese camera exhibitors showcased similar products while other camera providers showcased new products with new designs. "Differentiation is the only way out to survive, apart from price competition," Wu added. "If suppliers cannot provide customers with innovation, then you can hardly acquire long-term partnerships."
Wu pointed out that from this year's ISC West and IFSEC, loads of Chinese exhibitors showcased high-speed domes as they all look the same in housing and specifications, but vary in price. "Our in-house R&D capability backs up our product innovation," Wu added. "Besides, our manufacturing and stringent testing procedures enhance product stability."

With the key points mentioned above, the company has the ability to work with customers to provide specific products, catering to different market demands. "We are eager to work with our customers to provide the right product to penetrate their local market," said Wu. "Customization is another crucial factor that we can provide."

New Mini High-Speed Dome
Sunell's mini high-speed dome - SN-SSP4000/Z10 - has become the most eye-catching dome camera at IFSEC this year. It features 1/4-inch interline transfer CCD with automatic dual ICR filter. It offers 100X zoom-in function (10X optical plus 10X digital), 500 TVL (color) and 570 TVL (B/W).

This product features continuous 360 degree rotation with maximum 360 degree a second and 180 degree flip. It supports Pelco's D/P protocol and its joystick provides clockwise and counterclockwise control. Its cruising may be able to add other settings, such as preset point position, scanning and cruising scanning.)
Wu mentioned that it also features dual power supply to enhance its stability, preventing any power failure situation. "Additionally, this product shows good performance, even exceeding 3X zoom-in," Wu added. “Overall speaking, this product received many buyers' attentions."

In order to give a new image to the market, Sunell invested much in the latest technology and housing design.  Its design not only offers a stylish appearance but also takes heat dissipation into consideration. Speaking of the speed dome's inner components, Sunell imports from reliable reputated suppliers overseas and carry stringent reliability and functional tests of all the key components, as they play a crucial role, ensuring product stability in stepping motor, strips and et cetera.

Quality Guaranteed
Years of cooperation with other international players has give Sunell ample understanding of what a stable product needs. Wu pointed out that the organization has evolved its manufacturing, management system and testing procedures from its big partners. For example, in order to meet customers' testing demands, the company invested greatly in testing, in the form of EMC, UL and other certificates.
"We do the initial testing by ourselves and the third party laboratories before we send our products out to our partners for second product testing," Wu added. "Moreover, while there are a lot of fake certificates on the market, ours show more values and credibility."

Sunell has a 9,000 square-meter factory with automated manufacturing equipment and a modernized enterprise management system, which helps it achieve its maximum monthly camera production of 120,000 units.  Offering the market advanced and stable product is always its goal. Therefore, the organization caters to details and cares about each customer's requirements, mostly neglected by other Chinese suppliers. Sunell hopes to win over more customers and to take good care of them in terms of providing good products and service, showing the world that there are decent Chinese manufacturers in the surveillance camera field. Meanwhile, the organization is going to present a new image to customers in terms of products and booth design in the upcoming event, CPSE Shenzhen.

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