HID Global Grows Channels through Communication

HID Global Grows Channels through Communication

Access control trendsetter HID Global discusses its channel development strategy, merging solid technology with meaningful interactions between clients and channel partners.

HID Global has enjoyed enviable success, setting the bar for access control worldwide. Acquired by ASSA ABLOY in 2000, HID's combination of technology and effective channel strategy has contributed to its market position.

"Starting out in 1991 as Hughes Identification Devices, HID Global has grown to become the trusted global solution provider for the delivery of secure identity," said Craig Sandness, MD for Asia Pacific, HID Global. "As a manufacturer of secure identity solutions and contactless smart card technology for physical access control, HID is selected more than any other brand in the convergence of physical and logical access control."

Since its founding, the company has branched out from proximity cards to complete access control solutions. "Our guiding principles for channel expansion are consistent with the cornerstones that guide all of ASSA ABLOY," Sandness said. These guiding principles include vision, realism, courage and ethics.

"We search for partners who share in and support our vision by promoting our products and technologies to the marketplace," Sandness said. HID offers real product expertise and training for its partners.

As HID has witnessed the transition from mechanical locks to electronic and logical access, an HID partner must have the courage to try new things.

"Now, although physical lock and key solutions still exist, millions of people are using HID cards and readers every day to gain access," he said. "We seek channel partners that are interested in growing with us as we venture into these vast new opportunities."

The company cares about more than the bottom line. "Ethics is the most important of the guiding principles for our channel expansion," Sandness said.

"While we certainly enjoy immediate sales results with our partners, we desire to achieve long-lasting sales achievement over the next five years, 10 years, 20 years and beyond."

Branching out
The company understands the value of networking. "As a manufacturer, we can produce the best products in the world, but we would not be successful without a great channel network to promote our products," Sandness said.

"Likewise, the best channel partner in the world would not be successful without great products in their portfolio."

An effective partnership means HID shares its product expertise while adding in the partner's capability. "We need to ensure that our channel partners are fully trained on our products, the value our solutions bring to the market and the competitive advantage that we offer," he said.

It benefits HID to assist its channel partners. "We need to collaborate with our partners to understand how we can improve as an organization, how we can help them grow their business and how we can become increasingly easier to do business with," Sandness said.

"Again, a trusting relationship with our partners is the foundation for a long-term, healthy and profitable partnership."

Working closely with customers and partners is a win-win strategy for HID. "By setting clear objectives for ourselves and our customers, by ensuring that our partners are trained and competent on our products and the markets we serve, and by listening to our customers and allowing them to influence our mutual path, we establish a long-lasting commitment to each other that will guide us through the many changes in our business that the future will certainly bring," Sandness said.

Integrated Solutions
HID's cultivation of its channels has seen good results. "Through the efforts of our HID Connect team, HID technology is utilized in a large variety of applications outside of the traditional physical access control arena," Sandness said.

Third-party solutions have also been developed with HID technology to address a vast array of customer needs.

The company's reach into new technologies have led to wide-ranging implementations. "Today, HID technology can be found almost anywhere, including in time and attendance solutions, PoS systems and handheld devices for mobile tracking," he said. "In fact, a very unique application can be found in Japan where a restaurant is using HID RFID technology within sushi dishes to track meal consumption."

Being responsive to clients and channel partners will continue to be a core value at HID. "By listening to our customers, we will continue to work in cooperation with our valued partners to continue to bring new and exciting solutions to the marketplace," Sandness said.

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