OnSSI Releases Upgrades to Ocularis Client Lite

On-Net Surveillance Systems (OnSSI) has announced the release of Ocularis Client Lite v1.6, the latest version of their intelligent IP-based video surveillance management and control software suite. Central to the release is compatibility with OnSSI's recently introduced NetEVS NVR as well as performance enhancements to the audio functionality; search filters and live camera monitoring.

"This upgrade broadens our solutions by providing innovative management and control support for our complete line of network video recorders,” said Mulli Diamant, VP of Sales, OnSSI. “Ocularis Client Lite offers a radical improvement to the way video data is managed and v1.6 further accelerates its status as the pre-eminent solution for IP video surveillance applications ranging from the entry level through to our newest enterprise-level system.”

One of the new features of Ocularis Client Lite that can help to enhance the security of a facility is the capability to allow system operators to listen to audio from microphone-enabled cameras or to send audio to camera-connected public address (PA) systems. In addition, access to specific live cameras has been made faster and easier with the addition of a quick link to the user interface. With a click on this quick link, the system will scroll the alphabetical camera to the desired letter.

Also new to v1.6 is the capability to search filter fields in set-up mode. Any character or combination of characters entered will filter the Views List to only the views or cameras containing that character or string of characters.

In addition to supporting NetEVS, OnSSI's newly-released IP-based video recording and management software for multi-site, multi-server installations, Ocularis Client Lite v1.6 also supports ImmerVision's IMV 1 1/3 Panomorph Lens which, when used with a static IP camera, provides a 360-degree field of view. Ocularis Client Lite v1.6 enables parsing of the spherical (fish-eye) video stream so that the image appears un-skewed.

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