Community Action secured with Salto

Salto Systems are now securing the offices of Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties in St. Paul MN; among the largest, continuously funded anti-poverty programs in the nation.

Housed in a four-story multi-tenant office building with a number of other community service providers, Community Action aims to mobilize community resources to reduce poverty in Ramsey & Washington counties. They also provide direct services to low-income families through various Energy Assistance, Energy Conservation, Head Start and Early Head Start Self-Sufficiency and Senior Nutrition programs.

"Community Action wanted to gain more effective control over the security arrangements in their building and realized they needed to replace their outdated mechanical keyed locks with a modern electronic access control system.” comments Bill Wood, Technical Sales Director of local Salto business partner Floyd Total Security of Bloomington, MN.

"Working in consultation with Community Action we designed a flexible access control installation that offers a significant advance in security performance and now provides the advantages of a fully featured hard wired system at less than half the cost,” Wood continued.

"Flexibility and investment protection were also important criteria as was ease of expansion and change to accommodate future remodeling needs. To achieve this we've fitted Salto's new XS4 electronic handle sets to 96 doors throughout the building. Three additional doors are online via Ethernet. The system runs via Salto's SVN solution with Mifare 4K Keyfobs. To manage the system we also installed Salto's Pro Access 500 Software loaded on a Windows 2003 server and two workstations with two encoder stations for keyfob issuing. The three online hotspot readers provide ongoing updates via SVN of the keyfobs at strategic points within the building.”

The XS4 product needs no hard wiring and enables Community Action to control and manage a far greater range of access control applications than were possible with its old mechanical keys. Its state-of-the-art electronics use distributed intelligence to pass information between the electronic handle set and the keyfob. This enables them to be easily added to almost any existing lock and door, including those with ANSI and modular mortise locks, to turn them into fully featured access control doors without compromising comfort, convenience, security or control. It also allows them to benefit from the many advantages of the Salto Virtual Network (SVN). SVN allows the locks to read, receive and write information from/to the smart keyfobs and revolutionizes the traditional problems associated with ‘key' control by eliminating the need to replace locks when security is breached due to the loss or theft of a keyfob.

Community Action particularly likes the fact that they now have local control of the locks via the built-in office function that allows each individual tenant to locally control their own door for free access or keyfob only access as they wish. This means single occupant offices can leave and lock the door behind them, as they would with a traditional key. But the functionality of the system also allows for automatic locking of all doors on a schedule to prevent doors from inadvertently being left unlocked overnight. And, SVN's built-in audit trail facility can also be used as a management tool if required to provide a full audit of who unlocked what door, when and for what period.

Randy Hutchings, Manager of National Sales Dealer Network, Salto Systems said, "when Community Action wanted to upgrade their security arrangements; prime requirements were for a state-of-the-art system that incorporated the latest technology in a value for money package. Working with our local business partner Floyd Total Security we are happy to have provided a solution that met all their requirements and this is now up and running within the building."
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