Proximex and Convergint Technologies Team to Solve Customer Challenges

Proximex, a developer in physical security information management (PSIM), announced that the company has signed a partnership agreement with Convergint Technologies, North America's growing independent systems integrator. Together, the companies were awarded a large contract from a Fortune 50 provider of healthcare benefits to integrate several disparate access control and video platforms into a central command and control center. This command center provides a centralized view of their environment to monitor alarms, reduce costs associated with monitoring, and improve response times at hundreds of sites across North America.

"Our business is about understanding the customer's challenges, teaming up with reliable and proven partners to help us solve those problems and delivering superior results," said Tony Varco, VP of Security Division for Convergint Technologies. "This relationship is crucial because both parties make a significant investment of time and money upfront to develop opportunities, and continue to work closely to deliver the solution. Proximex demonstrated what it means to be a true partner for Convergint. During the requirements phase of the project, Proximex stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us to understand what the customer needed and how we could accomplish the goals together. Because Proximex was flexible, and adapted well to changes, it helped us satisfy this customer and made the installation a positive experience for all involved."

Selected as the physical security integrator of choice by one of North America's largest healthcare benefits providers, Convergint Technologies chose Proximex Surveillint as the central security integration platform. According to Varco, "In today's economy, where companies are cutting staff and slashing budgets, a 'rip and replace' strategy of removing and reinstalling entire security systems isn't a viable solution. Surveillint's ability to leverage existing disparate systems and integrate physical security systems with complex enterprise applications provided an extremely attractive ROI for this customer."

"Convergint Technologies provides the exact services and expertise this industry needs," said Jack Smith, CEO of Proximex. "Convergint builds great relationships with its customers and partners, meets deadlines and delivers excellence in leadership and vision. Their professionals also have a deep understanding of IT infrastructure technologies to effectively design physical security systems and deliver holistic solution to the customer."
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