Aria International Incorporated Completes Purchase and Delivery of Airship to Thailand

Aria International Incorporated, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Aria International Holdings, a company focused on providing specialized surveillance and communications solutions to a global customer base is pleased to announce that it has completed purchase of an Aeros 40D Airship S/N A40D-21 (the “Airship”) from Worldwide Aeros, a California corporation based in Montebello, California. Delivery to Thailand is expected in a few days. Also, Aria has pre-positioned its permanent team in Thailand to smooth inclusion of the Airship into the Surveillance program.

Aria previously announced on May 20, 2009 the agreement to purchase the Airship from Aeros as a deliverable under its contract with Kingdom of Thailand, Royal Thai Army (RTA).

Aria International Incorporated is under contract to the RTA to provide in-country surveillance and communications solutions and services. The RTA agreed to purchase certain intelligence and surveillance equipment from Aria for an aggregate purchase price of $9.7 million. Aria will also provide the RTA with certain ancillary services including installation, training and the construction of an airship hangar. The terms of the contract require complete delivery and integration of the surveillance system within 120-days of contract award.

The RTA system is composed of an Airship, imagery capability from high-definition cameras and down linked communication facilities to a mobile command platform that are targeted to meet the requirements for this special procurement. Under this contract, Aria is responsible for delivering a complete turn-key solution, conducting initial operations and continuing maintenance tasks as well as providing training to the RTA personnel on the proper implementation of the equipment being delivered. Aria will also install and integrate high-definition day/night camera systems on select Royal Thai Army helicopters.
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