L-1 Identity Solutions Receives $27.6 Million Contracts from Multiple U.S. States

L-1 Identity Solutions, a provider of identity solutions and services, was awarded contracts and contract extensions from Delaware, Louisiana, Tennessee, Indiana and a State to be named at a later date, to continue providing secure driver's license solutions, bringing the total value of these contracts to $27.6 million. Extension options in the yet-to-be-named State would add an additional $16 million. All of the awards were made to the Secure Credentialing Division of L-1.

A seven-year contract with the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) includes a new tamper evident card with various security features from L-1 embedded in the card to make counterfeiting more difficult. The new system will integrate L-1's document authentication solution into the State's workflow process to streamline transactions and provide an increased level of confidence that applicant information is not fraudulent. Additionally, facial recognition technology from L-1 will enable a comparison of a customer's photo against the DMV's database of photos to detect fraud.

A four-year contract signed with a State to be named at a later date includes a new card design that incorporates additional security features and equipment upgrades for new signature pads, image cameras for photo capture, and printers from L-1. The contract enabling L-1 to continue providing secure driver's license solutions to this State includes the option for two two-year extensions that would add an additional $16 million. The State will remain unnamed until implementation is complete.

L-1 secured a contract extension with the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) to continue secure driver's license production and vehicle registrations. L-1 has provided solutions to the Louisiana OMV for more than three decades. The Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles also extended its driver's license solution contract with L-1.

Indiana recently received federal funding for secure issuance of driver's licenses. The State will continue to work with L-1 to apply these funds toward fully implementing the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and the federal regulations regarding identification documents.

"In the mission to improve the security and integrity of driver's licenses, more and more States are incorporating advanced technologies into the workflow process to prevent identity fraud from occurring during critical steps of the application process, as well as embedding sophisticated security features onto the cards to make them more resistant to tampering and counterfeiting," said Robert V. LaPenta, Chairman, President and CEO of L-1 Identity Solutions. "In addition to strengthening the security of the license and the process through which it is produced, our technologies also deliver benefits to the front office by adding operational efficiencies and improving the customer experience. We applaud the efforts of these States and look forward to continuing to work closely with them on this important objective."
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