ADT Solutions Help Prevent Retail Losses In Tough Economy

ADT Security Services announced the addition of new products and services aimed at helping retailers combat retail theft and better manage their businesses in these challenging economic times. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation the tough economy has led to an increase in retail theft and shoplifting in many areas. Retailers facing staff cuts and fewer resources are turning to new technologies that can make their stores smarter. Store intelligence helps give retailers new tools to manage scarce resources and operate facilities more efficiently.

The new products offered by ADT, the global provider of electronic security for retail, offer retailers flexible solutions to limit theft and provide “store intelligence” in the form of essential information on day-to-day operations. Retailers can use this information to make smart business decisions that help decrease costs and increase profits.

Sensormatic technology in people-counting data is a self-contained intelligent video sensor that collects and analyzes traffic patterns in the retail environment. It has the ability to distinguish between incoming and outgoing shopper traffic, count side-by-side traffic and differentiate between adults and children. This allows retailers to measure and evaluate staffing needs, calculate sales conversion rates and gauge the effects of advertising, marketing and store layout.

Sensormatic Safers is an anti-theft device for popular store merchandise such as batteries, razor blades, fragrances and DVDs. Safers are reusable anti-theft packages containing an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) or anti-theft tag. Merchandise is securely locked in the packaging and removed at the point of purchase. If the package is carried out of the store, the EAS or anti-theft alarm will notify store personnel. Safers allow retailers to openly display products for customer convenience while providing a high level of protection against theft. They are easy for store personnel to remove at the cash register and are earth friendly because they can be recycled and used many times.

IntelliVid is a video intelligence solution by American Dynamics, which provides video analysis designed specifically for the retail environment. This software includes intelligent alerts, cross-camera tracking and point-of-sale integration. Its capabilities include integrating video to follow specific subjects across multiple cameras throughout the retail facility. Retailers can use the software to fight retail theft and help improve overall store operations by studying shopping behaviors and patterns.

Jammer detection software is an anti-shoplifting tool for Sensormatic EAS systems that detects the presence of “jamming” signals and generates a distinct rapid-tone alarm to alert store employees. “Jammers” are small devices generating an electrical signal that inhibits EAS pedestals by paralyzing the system leaving security tags and labels undetectable. 

"ADT provides security for more than 80 percent of the top 200 global retailers and we understand the importance of providing protection and value, especially at this challenging time, for our customers,” said Jeff Bean, VP of Retail Sales and Operations for ADT. “We strive to bring retailers products that will not only help with loss prevention and theft, but will also provide them with true business intelligence and overall operational benefits.”

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