Vicon's New iSCSI SAN-RAID Devices Offer Superior Storage Options for IP Video Systems

Vicon Industries, a designer and producer of integrated IP video surveillance and access control systems, is replacing its line of RAID storage devices with new iSCSI SAN-RAID models that make use of newer networking and storage technology. Like traditional RAID devices, the new models provide multiple, hot-swappable hard drives that provide highly secure storage of large quantities of recorded digital video.

However, the new models are designed for use in a “Storage Area Network,” meaning that they no longer need to be directly, physically connected to and in close proximity to a DVR or NVR. Instead the SAN-RAID units exist as part of a network and can store video from one or multiple network recording devices regardless of their physical location. Compared to the traditional “one-RAID-per-NVR” model, the SAN-RAID option therefore offers savings both in cost and physical space required by the units.

In addition, the new SAN-RAID devices make use of iSCSI protocol, allowing them to transmit and receive signals over regular Ethernet cabling (CAT-5 and other options). iSCSI protocol can transmit signals up to 25x farther than traditional SCSI connections used by the previous generation of RAIDs.

"Vicon's commitment to IP-based, open platform video management is clearly evidenced by the range of products we continue to bring to market, from megapixel cameras to NVRs to these SAN-RAID storage solutions,” stated Margie Gurwin, Director of Marketing at Vicon.
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