Affordable Pelco DVRs Now More Powerful

Pelco continues to provide product advancements, increasing ease of use and cus?tomer satisfaction. The DX45/4600 Version 1.3 gives customers more options and simplifies operation of the entry level DVR line.

A new Exported Video Preview feature allows customers to validate an exported clip before turning it over for inves?tigation. Also new, Multi-Event Recording (on DX4600), or “Bump on Alarm” allows customers to best meet their retention requirements by recording at lower speeds for normal recording and increased speeds for event-based video.

"The ease of operation and simple straight forward menus on the DX45/4600 series DVRs are ideal for retail envi?ronments where the system is used by non technical persons or where there is steady stream of new personal that needs to be trained on the system,” said Robert Barr, VP of Operations at Pelco.

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