PSA Security Network Announces Vendor Management Reorganization

PSA Security Network announced a restructuring of its vendor management department. The PSA vendor management team will now consist of Bill Bozeman, Diana Hanna, Tim Brooks, Tim Feury (PSA Technical Committee chairman), Marcus Batten, Brandt Lumaguip, and Sharon Shaw.

Sharon Shaw will be the vendor contact person for all PSA supplier partners. Sharon will disseminate information to the appropriate PSA vendor management team members and to the PSA vendor community.

The PSA vendor management group will be responsible for working with current vendor partners, evaluating potential partners, and ensuring that product offerings allow member integrators to remain on the edge of industry trends. The PSA vendor management team has over 160 years of combined experience in the electronic security industry. As part of the restructuring, Nick Langus, former Director of purchasing, is no longer with PSA.
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