InterSwitch Selects Gemalto's Instant Issuance Solution

Gemalto, a provider in digital security, announced that InterSwitch is deploying its Dexxis Instant Issuance solution to accelerate chip migration in Nigeria. InterSwitch is a provider of secure electronic payment solutions in Nigeria and comprises 25 member banks. Chip migration is ramping up in the country and InterSwitch member banks will be replacing 30 million magnetic stripe cards in the next few years.

The Gemalto solution enables InterSwitch members to carry out on-the-spot personalization and delivery of chip cards to their customers, directly at their branches. With Dexxis Instant Issuance, banking customers leave the branch with their card in hand and start using it immediately, compared to an average two weeks timeline with conventional issuance. This means that all the cards delivered are actually used, making the investment fully productive for all stakeholders. 

As part of the contract, Gemalto supplies the software that allows InterSwitch to offer the instant issuance service to its members. It also enables InterSwitch to provide its member banks with a turnkey solution to perform instant issuance themselves.
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