ARINC Mobile Surveillance Towers Boost Security for Indianapolis International Airport

ARINC has delivered a unique security monitoring solution based on mobile video surveillance towers to enhance perimeter security at Indianapolis International Airport.

The new system uses five independent, mobile towers that require no electric power cabling and no hardwired video or communications connections. Each tower generates its own electrical power and transmits surveillance video wirelessly to the airport security and communications command center. The airport uses the ARINC system to enhance perimeter security around the airport complex, including the terminal and airfield.

ARINC based the design entirely on commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) components, and the Indianapolis Airport Authority accepted the system following operational testing earlier this year.

"ARINC believes this mobile surveillance system is a first for the airports industry,” stated Tim Ciocco, Director of Security Systems for ARINC. “The mobile tower design has many future applications, and we want to thank the Indianapolis Airport Authority for giving ARINC this opportunity to deliver a major advance in airport site security.”

"From planning and development to building and installation, this new mobile surveillance system has exceeded our security expectations,” reported Reggie Baumgardner, Manager of Airport Security, Indianapolis International Airport. “The system provides connectivity and related flexibility we previously did not have, which is essential should we need to expand or reconfigure it in the future.”

The system's five mobile towers are equipped with solar panels and wind generators that charge onboard batteries to power the video cameras and wireless communications equipment. The ARINC system also includes a central video command station that continuously analyzes the perimeter video for possible intrusions. Its cameras have day and night vision (thermal imaging) capabilities.

When a possible intrusion is detected, the command station automatically repositions several high-power cameras atop the airport's FAA air traffic control tower to focus on the area in question and track the intrusion event.

"ARINC's mobile surveillance tower system represents the forward edge of perimeter intrusion detection today,” continued Ciocco. “It gives airports one more powerful tool to enhance their site security and situational awareness.”
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