VideoIQ Receives Endorsement from the PSA Security Network Technical Committee

VideoIQ, the inventor of intelligent surveillance cameras and encoders with a built-in DVR, announced that the VideoIQ iCVR has been endorsed by the PSA Technical Committee.

Driven by next-generation analytics, the VideoIQ iCVR is an intelligent video surveillance camera that combines automated event detection, a built-in DVR, and integrated video management into a single solution. This combination delivers real-time threat detection while solving the bandwidth and storage problems of traditional IP cameras. The iCVR is also the intelligent solution in the industry that requires no tuning or calibration - users can simply plug it in and begin using it immediately.

"We found the VideoIQ iCVR to be a very robust solution. This product displayed superior analytics, client-focused features and usability, and a viable cost/benefit ratio that most users should favor. The VideoIQ iCVR passed our tests and vigorous due diligence process,” said Tim Feury, Chairman of the PSA Technical Committee.

During the evaluation, the PSA Technical Committee performed a field test and conducted reference evaluations on the iCVR family of cameras and encoders to determine if the products were in line with PSA's stringent technical requirements. All features of the VideoIQ iCVR were evaluated, including its analytic engine, object search capability, and content-aware storage and networking. Additionally, the iCVR's detection capabilities for perimeter crossing, crowds, direction of travel, and loitering were tested.

"This endorsement by the PSA Technical Committee is testament to the power of the VideoIQ iCVR to keep organizations and their most important assets safe. We look forward to continuing to develop solutions that uphold PSA's high standards in security technology,” said Scott Schnell, President and CEO of VideoIQ.
PSA recently created the Technical Committee to aggressively investigate and attract solutions for their vast network of security integrators. The committee is comprised of technical and engineering experts from PSA companies, along with members of the PSA staff.
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