Avocado Security Enhances Educational Campus Security

Avocado Security, a provider in On-Demand Security and BI Optimization Platform, announced that it is strengthening campus safety measures for educational facilities looking to gain more analysis and insight from the images generated by their security cameras. Avocado Security's new technology delivers BI with security images by taking the video images from surveillance cameras and translating them into intelligent, usable, business data and statistics. So now, instead of campus security personnel just seeing "dumb data" from numerous images across video monitors, they can actually have a solution that gives them "intelligent data" about those images so that actionable, real-time decisions can be made.

In the wake of serious security threats and incidents that have occurred throughout the nation's schools and higher-learning educational facilities, it's even more imperative that educational institutions utilize security technologies that not only provide them with surveillance images, but also provide them with the intelligence details that are behind those images so that better security decisions can be made. Now, with Avocado Security's technology, millions of images from CCTV cameras can be automated and even translated into intelligent, usable, business data and statistics.

"Avocado Security focuses on delivering ‘Business Continuity and Operational Intelligence' by taking untapped, unmanaged security information, dormant in video files, and converting them into consistent and reliable business intelligence,” said Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of Avocado Security. “We have the unique ability of pulling Business Intelligence details out of video imaging that is derived from security cameras, which enables organizations to gain meaningful business value from the "edge" of their networks; thereby, providing measurable value to organizations across the entire enterprise.”

Schools use CCTV security cameras to provide greater safety and security. These security systems generate and collect millions of surveillance pictures of college campuses, cafeteria rooms, bookstores and parking garages. Even though security cameras serve their purpose, there is still a lot of business intelligence information tied up in the pictures. Using a school's existing video security, Avocado Security can compile statistics on information like student traffic per each entrance and exit, average number of people per floor getting off the elevator in the dormitory, traffic bottlenecks at certain hours of the day in the school cafeteria, and why the loading dock has more traffic than school's main entrance.

Until now only security guards were able to have access to security camera information, including if something was stolen, if security equipment was malfunctioning, or if the was being compromised in other ways. But with Avocado Security's platform, detailed security information about one location, or even multiple locations, can be shared across departments with school executives and high-level administrators, along with security personnel, providing them with ongoing information about the operational intelligence of their entire organization.

At present time, Avocado Security is working with a few educational establishments. Two of the schools are members of NACAS. Avocado Security platform provides benefit to multiple departments across the campus including campus police, dinning services, parking and transportation, information technology team and medical center.

Another key advantage of Avocado Security's technology is that it is device (DVR) agnostic. Avocado Security can convert video images from the existing security equipment that comes from one vendor, or from multiple equipment vendors (GE, Honeywell, Bosch, Siemens etc.) and translate those images into usable data. Examples of data that can be provided including the number of times an elevator door opened, or a high level of traffic at a particular entrance or exit, or, if more traffic is at the loading dock of a hotel than the front entrance lobby.

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