Vodafone Turkey Automates Contact Center Interactions Uses PerSay Voice Biometrics Technology

Vodafone Turkey, the mobile communications provider delivering comprehensive and innovative mobile services to residential and business customers in Turkey, recently rolled out its Voice Identification Service powered by PerSay VocalPassword — making a spoken pass phrase a universal identifier for customer support. PerSay VocalPassword is a biometric speaker verification system that verifies a speaker during an interaction with an IVR or a voice application. The system was successfully integrated with Vodafone's Voice Portal Platform, enabling secure self service applications such as GSM Personal Unlocking Key reset.

The primary driver for Vodafone Turkey in implementing a voice verification system was to provide customers with an even better experience while safeguarding their privacy. Vodafone Turkey is the first telecommunication company in Turkey to implement Voice Biometrics.

Large-scale customer-facing implementations such as Vodafone's Voice Identification Service are building a momentum worldwide for voice biometrics-based authentication solutions that leverage on existing infrastructure to enhance customer service and improve the operational efficiency of mobile service providers. The simplicity of Vodafone's service is in line with the company's other efforts to improve the customer experience. Using the new voluntary service, customers can avoid having to remember multiple PINs or undergo a cumbersome and costly manual authentication process. Contact centers around the world spend as much as 12% of the call duration, on average, with a representative, confirming customer identity.

"We're proud to be working with Vodafone” noted Ziv Cohen, Director of Sales and Business Development, EMEA, PerSay. “Vodafone Turkey is known for its rigorous selection of state-of-the-art technologies for improved customer service. Vodafone's decision was based on many factors, amongst them: PerSay's unmatched experience in deploying large scale voice biometric products as well as PerSay's superior technology, and we are pleased to have been selected by Vodafone Turkey”
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