Bonifacio Hospital Deploys IQeye Megapixel Cameras

IQinVision, a provider in high-performance megapixel IP security cameras, intelligent network cameras, and IP video recording systems, announced that Bonifacio Hospital, on the island of Corsica, has deployed 23 IQeye megapixel cameras, managed by a video management and storage system. The use of megapixel camera technology allowed the hospital to reduce by more than 50% the number of cameras needed to accomplish their surveillance objectives.

The island of Corsica, at the heart of the western Mediterranean, is 80 kilometers from the coast of Tuscany and 200 kilometers from Nice. Bonifacio is the island's newest hospital, specializing in maternity and Alzheimer treatment services. Located in the countryside, the hospital is very high-tech, with a strong emphasis on security and video surveillance. Fran?oise Bigue, Director of the Hospital, established the goal that any upgraded video surveillance system had to be able to recognize anyone entering the facility, unlike the previous analog system that could not accomplish this important function.

For Laurent Guidi, Head of the hospital's IT system, system priorities included image quality and the discreet positioning of all cameras. To meet the hospital's demands, a Viseox VXCORE system was installed at the hospital to manage video from 23 high definition megapixel IQeye cameras. Megapixel technology is essential to accomplish a forensic level of video detail in the event of an attack or a patient disappearance.

IQeye Sentinel cameras are deployed outside the hospital and IQeye Alliance domes throughout the hospital interior. Cameras are recorded at 8 frames per second to the Viseox server with 8 terabytes of storage in a RAID 5 configuration. This allows for 15 days of 24-hour storage of all camera data onto the dedicated server with full security.

IQeye megapixel technology enabled the hospital to reduce to 23 from the 50 cameras initially planned for the facility. Video footage can be monitored at all times by security personnel and the camera feeds are also accessible to the heads of each medical ward via the hospital network, depending on access rights. IQeye megapixel image quality combined with the VISEOX recording solution is producing results, with a number of incidents already captured and suspects identified for questioning. The upgraded security system enables the medical staff to work with confidence and peace of mind.

"Here is a great example where the hospital achieved its surveillance objectives,” said Ramon Grado, MD of EMEA for IQinVision. “While cutting the number of cameras it needed by more than half. That's better technology and better results at a highly affordable level of investment.”

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