Town of Oyster Bay Uses Public Cameras For Safety and Emergency Management

Town of Oyster Bay has installed public safety cameras and security systems in key areas and facilities throughout the town to help deter crime, safeguard the public and more effectively manage resources. Working with ADT Security Services, the town has moved forward with a proactive program that allows the department of public safety to keep a watchful eye on parks, beaches and other municipal areas 24 hours a day. Some parts of the system use the latest in wireless technologies to monitor remote areas.

As an approved contractor with the state of New York, ADT began working with the town in 2003. The most recent facility completed last fall was the indoor ice skating center located in Bethpage Community Park. Next up is the Hicksville parking garage, serving the largest train station on Long Island.

"We have 183 parks and parklets and seven or eight major beaches, so the time was right to install the cameras,” said Barry Bree, Deputy Commissioner of public safety. “The world is changing and we have so many kids and families visiting our parks and beaches. Because of that we felt it was a good move and the right thing to do.”

Bree also had high praise for the wireless mesh technology used in two very popular, but remote areas of the town – John Burns Town Park and Tobay Beach. The wireless technology allows the city to monitor areas that otherwise would be too expensive to install with wired systems and, according to Bree, the video quality is good.

"More and more communities like Oyster Bay are installing public safety cameras to provide an extra set of eyes to help better manage resources,” said John Gaydos, VP of Government Systems for ADT. “Of course, the safety, security and peace of mind these systems offer are important to members of the community who use the public parks and beaches. And public safety camera systems also offer cities and town significant added value by giving them the ability to view conditions remotely and see where resources are needed.”

With almost 300,000 people, the Town of Oyster Bay is a popular Long Island destination. The town is famous for Sagamore Hill, the home of President Theodore Roosevelt, which was the “summer White House” from 1902 to 1908. More than 50,000 visitors a day visit the beaches in Oyster Bay every summer. To handle this type of influx, the town plans continue installing additional cameras in new areas.

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