IT Managers Get More Involved in Physical Security

IT managers are involved in almost 60% of decisions to purchase IP-based physical security products, according to a new report from IMS Research. The report, based on a comprehensive survey of North American integrators and installers of IP-based security products, also found that over three quarters of the companies surveyed dealt with IT managers more now than they did one year ago.

Niall Jenkins, Market Analyst at IMS Research commented, “IT managers are increasingly getting involved in making and influencing the decision to buy IP-based security products. These products often use existing networks and IT managers are working much closer with security managers to facilitate this integration”. 

Another key finding from the research was that almost 60% of the systems installers surveyed thought that vendors do not provide adequate support for their IP-based security products. Over 40% of systems integrators also agreed that vendors were not meeting their needs. Top of the list of requested support was additional training, demonstration materials, telephone and web-based support and better software and SDKs. 
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