Dallmeier Releases New Camera

The dynamic range of Cam_inPIX cameras is significantly higher as with conventional cameras, which is particularly advantageous for images with strong backlighting or infrared light.

Conventional cameras mostly have difficulties with clearly representing images that have a high range in contrast. That is particularly true for representing details in the brightest and darkest areas of an image. Shooting with strong infrared light is always a special challenge for cameras, because the scenario is often very unevenly illuminated. In most cases, very large dark areas dominate the background and the edges of the screen. Persons moving towards the camera are often outshined and thus represented as shapeless white areas. Such video sequences are hardly suitable for professional surveillance as details are unrecognisable and an identification of persons thus becomes impossible.

Hence, the fundamental problem with infrared surveillance is the camera's control mode for bright and dark image areas. In that context the so-called “outshined faces” are a known issue with conventional camera technology.

For Dallmeier cameras with Cam_inPIX technology, however, taking pictures with infrared light is no problem owing to the high dynamic and the control mode of the cameras. The Cam_inPIX technology empowers every single pixel of an image to act like an individual and constantly self-adjusting camera. Each pixel chooses its own exposure strategy. Dark areas of an image can therefore be exposed longer, whereas areas that are already bright are captured using a short exposure time. All relevant details can be discerned and the cameras provide the image material necessary for identification.

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