Aria International Incorporated Purchases Multi-Sensor Camera Systems for Royal Thai Army Surveillance Program from Axsys Technologies

Aria International Holdings, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Aria International Incorporated, a Nevada corporation (“Aria International”), which is focused on providing specialized surveillance and communications solutions to a global customer base is pleased to announce that it has purchased advanced digital stabilized multi-sensor camera systems from Axsys Technologies. Axsys Technologies (Axsys) is a designer and manufacturer of precision surveillance cameras and optical solutions for defense, aerospace, homeland security and high-performance commercial applications.

Aria purchased five V14 MSII fully-digital, four-axis stabilized, multi-sensor cameras that provide exceptional aerial surveillance and detection capabilities for law enforcement, military and public utilities applications. The systems purchased by Aria combine the latest in IR and high-definition EO sensor technology. The V14 MSII's EO and IR sensor technology, stabilization, unmatched continuous zoom capabilities and multiple payload options, delivers high-performance, flawlessly precise images suitable for the Aria surveillance solution to the Royal Thai Army (RTA).

The RTA selected Aria International Incorporated and Axsys after a number of real-time flight demonstrations were conducted in December 2008 in the U.S. Aria International Incorporated previously announced the RTA contract on April 30, 2009. Under this contract, Aria International is responsible for integrating all system components and delivering a complete turn-key solution, conducting initial operations and continuing maintenance tasks as well as providing the training to the RTA personnel on the use of the equipment.

The RTA surveillance and communications solution consists of a manned airship equipped with special imaging and communications systems and upgrades to existing command and control facilities to allow for the receipt of real-time surveillance data. The airship will be accompanied with a Mobile Command and Control Vehicle. Aria International will train Royal Thai Army personnel to pilot and effectively utilize and maintain the deployed surveillance and communications systems. In addition to the Axsys cameras on the airship, Aria International will also install and integrate the Axsys V14 MSII high-definition day/night camera systems on select Royal Thai Army helicopters. Mr. Mike “Bing” Crosby, President of Aria International stated, “the employment of the Axsys stabilized multi-sensor cameras in a manned airship and in RTA helicopters provides the Royal Thai Army another system with the necessary capabilities it requires to counter the increased insurgent activity and threats of crime, drug trafficking and terrorism.”
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