Universal Surveillance Systems Releases New System to Prevent Retail Loss

In direct response to the growing threat of Organized Retail Crime (ORC), Universal Surveillance Systems (USS) announces the launch of the USS Power of 4 System, a one-of-a-kind system designed to specifically target ORC activity and combines four technologies in one platform. The ever-growing issue of ORC is costing retailers over US$30 billion each year in losses, resulting in millions of dollars of lost sales tax revenue. In addition, ORC poses a threat to employee safety and consumer health.

"USS is committed to fighting ORC alongside our retail partners. We have devoted significant R & D resources to developing innovative technology that will thwart ORC activity,” explained Adel Sayegh, President and CEO of USS. “We must stay one step ahead of these criminals and anticipate their next move. I believe the Power of 4 will give retailers more than just a fighting chance against this serious threat; it gives retailers an edge that did not exist previously.” In addition to developing technology, USS actively supports ORC legislation and hosts ORC Conferences across the country to promote networking and partnerships between the private and public sectors.

Combining state of the art EAS technology with advanced early detection tools, the USS Power of 4 System allows retailers to target professional ORC criminals along with everyday shoplifters all in one system. This ground-breaking system gives retailers advance notification of ORC activity, allowing stores to be more proactive and help prevent heavy losses.

The Power of 4 system contains four different technologies designed to target four methods used by would-be thieves. It incorporates early detection of booster bags, a long favorite tool of ORC criminals, as well as advanced notification of magnetic detachers. It is also equipped with an anti-jamming circuit to render the latest ORC tool, EAS jamming devices, useless and alarms when an EAS jammer is detected. And finally, it incorporates EAS technology, making the Power of 4 an all-in-one system giving retailers security and peace of mind.

"I appreciate the work USS has done for Organized Retail Crime detection and prevention. ORC is a serious issue that needs serious solutions! The negative impact of ORC is far reaching and goes beyond affecting just retailers. It's time to put all our energies into real solutions that will slow down these criminals, such as supporting ORC legislation and developing new technologies,” said Frank Muscato, Supervisor of Organized Retail Crime Investigations at Walgreens.

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