KBC Networks Shrinks Ethernet Unit

KBC Networks has released a new compact version of its 10/100Mbps Ethernet media converter that boasts one of the smallest footprints in the industry.

Following hard on the heels of KBC's compact video and data units, the latest addition to the downsized family of products measures are just 75 by 65 by 24mm. It has all the features and benefits of its larger counterparts, whilst fitting neatly within most camera housings.

The new compact Ethernet units were developed in response to demand from KBC's customers and are available for both multimode and singlemode fiber, in single and dual fibre formats with the dual fibre unit supporting 100BASE-FX. An operating range of between -40OC and +70OC makes them suitable for industrial applications, and because the units can be powered by either a 12-24V AC or a 12-24V DC supply, the camera and media converter can share the same power source.

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