Pericom and Techwell Partner to Offer Video Surveillance Design Platform

Pericom Semiconductor, a supplier of products for timing, signal conditioning and serial connectivity, announced a partnership with Techwell, that has generated a turn-key customer reference design (CRD) for next generation PCIe (PCI Express) based DVR solutions for the CCTV security and surveillance markets.

The new CRD platform features eight Techwell TW6805 PCI-based video decoder ICs with audio and TS input, and Pericom's PI7C9X112SL, the industry's low power PCIe-to-PCI Bridge IC offering 8-PCI bus-master support. The CRD offers full software driver support for all Windows 32/64bit and Linux 32/64bit OS, and is a complete low cost, turn-key solution available to security and surveillance customers for a variety of applications. The new design includes complete physical layout, schematics, BOM, and software drivers.

The PI7C9X112SL is the latest PCIe-to-PCI Bridge from Pericom's SlimLine PCIe Packet Switch and Bridge family featuring very low power and small footprint packages enabling volume applications such as notebook/PC, embedded, video surveillance, wireless, networking, peripheral and digital TV.

"Pericom's new PCIe bridge enables Techwell to provide a very cost effective, multi-channel decoder solution to our CCTV, security, and surveillance customers," said Mr. David Nam, VP of Sales & Marketing for Techwell. "Our joint CRD with Pericom allows our customers to get to market quickly with a fully functional and validated solution."

"Our PCIe bridge, packet switch, and signal conditioning (ReDriver) products are designed to enable cost effective customer solutions, such as our joint security and surveillance CRD with Techwell," said Jen Lee, MD of Taiwan office, Pericom Semiconductor. "This market is growing rapidly as the need for surveillance driven applications expands worldwide. A good portion of this IC content is addressable with decoder and PCIe functionality."

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